“Happiness isn’t always the best way to be happy”
Where the Wild Things Are (2009)Spike Jonze

Anonymous asked:
i love your blog po ate!

thanks Coco u my bae HAHAHAHA

Anonymous asked:
hi ate how do i get pursue an older guy po :""">

WEH COCO HAHAHAHAHA H8 U!!! pursue until acquired wew don’t act like you don’t know hahaha yeeee

Anonymous asked:
is it okay if people come to you for advice?

more than okay bby!! :)


Vintage Girl Scouts of America ‘Brownie’ pocket knife

Anonymous asked:
what are your 5 favorite blogs on tumblr?

1) porn4smartgirls
2) buttonpoetry
3) neil-gaiman
4) drunk-en-pastels
5) beautilation


Anonymous asked:
this might come off as weird but how do i get over someone? it would be really fantastic if you reply omg it's just that i have so much respect for you and i love your blog so much okay sorry

hellooooo bby i’m sorry i’m only seeing this now

it isn’t weird at all don’t worry!! sorry you have to go through this though, but i feel keeping your distance always works. try distracting yourself with the things you like doing like reading, going out, or finishing that book you told yourself you would and focus more on what makes you feel alive. make the conscious effort not to make contact ‘cause beating yourself up for what happened never really works okay good luck you’ll get through this! awww you’re too nice! :’)


from Puberty Blues (1981)

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